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  1. Design Patterns course at FMI, Sofia University for the summer semester 2012

    The Design Patterns course will be part of the summer semester's curriculum of FMI, Sofia University. I'm glad that I'm part of the team of this course for the second time. This year we will have an entry test with various computer science questions.

    We have a tough schedule ahead of us. The course will consist of 15 lectures. Along with the classic Gang Of Four Patterns we've added some new topics and interactive lectures.

    This is the full list of lectures:

    • OOP design & Singleton
    • Factory Method, Abstract Factory & Builder
    • Prototype & Flyweight
    • Adapter & Bridge
    • Composite & Decorator
    • Proxy & Facade
    • Code-patterns, anti-patterns and real world frameworks (.net, jdk) pattern examples
    • Lecture where we write project in front of the students.
    • MVC & MVP
    • Command & Mediator
    • Iterator, Strategy & Template Method
    • Observer & Visitor
    • State & Memento
    • Interpreter & Chain of Responsibility

    Along with the course I'm also part of a project to create a Design Patterns book in Bulgarian.

    Posted by Branislav Abadjimarinov on January 20 at 10:10 AM

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